Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 of Cups -- The Barista

The Barista of Cups stands in a moment of quiet after the morning rush, sipping a latte while her supervisor counts coffee bags in the back room. She doesn't plan on doing this the rest of her life, but despite the occasional entitled asshole, she loves her job, especially because, unlike that corporate coffee shop down the street, she doesn't have to cover the dragon tat that took her eight months to complete and she can wear her beat-up art studio jeans instead of those uncomfortable chinos. When she says have a nice day, she usually means it... unless you're one of those people who orders the triple grande hazelnut mocha with nuts and whipped cream and never tips.

The picture was outlined by hand in pencil and ballpoint pen, scanned in, and colored and edited using the Seashore paint program for MacOS X/Cocoa.

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