Wednesday, May 13, 2009

11 of Swords -- the Journeyman

When the other kids were tossing footballs around and shooting baskets, the Journeyman of Swords was in martial arts class, doing kata or sparring, or dueling with bamboo garden stakes with his somewhat reluctant big sister. Now that he's in college, he's going through the trials and tribulations of a varsity athlete without gaining any of the glory, because fencing is the one activity he enjoys more than anything else. He realizes one day he'll have to go out into a real world where playing with knives is frowned upon, and he's fine with that; he's already studying stickfighting with an SCA master to keep his hand in the game long after his eligibility runs out for college competition.

And he isn't really a lefty. Just a big fan of The Princess Bride.

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